EnerYacht: Environmental and Energy Solutions
EnerYacht: Environmental and Energy Solutions

Welcome to EnerYacht


EnerYacht is a new company with a maritime heritage of more than 75 years. Founded and operated by licensed professional marine engineers, EnerYacht's goal is to deliver significant savings in energy costs while reducing the environmental impact of yachts of all sizes.


We are happy to announce new development, manufacturing, and marketing partnerships with two innovative companies whose cutting edge technologies will not only provide substantial fuel savings but also greatly reduce a yacht's environmental impact by virtually eliminating particulate emissions while substantially reducing CO2 production.


Diesel engine soot production has become a major factor in increased maintenance costs for yachts and other motor vessels. The soot and unburned fuel released during generator operation at low loads is the most problematic. Exhaust gases and soot particles impact a yacht's daily environment, and can affect the owner and guest's enjoyment of their time onboard. The costs in hull cleaning and in paint degradation are major expenses which can be virtually eliminated by installation of the patent pending SeaClean exhaust treatment system.


Through the application of innovative technologies and monitoring of operational parameters, major reductions in engine emissions as well as operating expense can be realized. EnerYacht has the resources and experience to determine the best available solution, manage its integration, and provide ongoing technical support.


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